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The Mother's (India) Fragrances incense is special!

Incense made with only natural ingredients, hand blended and hand rolled from resins, pure essential oils, floral perfumes and a delicate blend of scented flowers, leaves, charcoal and wood powders. No dipping!

This age-old masala method of making incense avoids the use of chemicals, and creates a light, clean burning incense that creates a minimum of smoke and slowly spreads a gentle aroma. Enjoy the difference!

And what's more, all our products are Fair Trade
and the Mother's India Fragrances come
with a donation to charity.

Welcome to the world of The Mother's Fragrances!

You can choose from our two ranges of incense:

The Mother's Fragrances are a mild incense, ideally suited for everyday use, and especially created for use in western homes. (more... )

The Mother's India Fragrances are a stronger incense, based on traditional Indian incense. Perfect for meditation and contemplation.(more... )


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We are chuffed with our 10th India Fragrance, called Lila. It is a stunning, powdery dry patchouli, with a beautiful lingering fragrance.

india fragrances fan

A giftbox with our 'other'
India Fragrances
We know that many of your have been waiting for just this, and we are very pleased to have this little box of treasures on offer.

giftbox with other india fragrances

As you may know, 5p from the sale of every packet of full length India Fragrances sticks is donated to charity.

All these 5p's put together are changing people's lives for the better. And that fills our well to the brim!

You can read all about the donations here.

charity heart On this site, you can recognize the products that come with the 5p donation by the little heart symbol.

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